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Less Is More: Part 2

Seth Godin said in a recent interview about blogging that when he began to write shorter posts and to post more often, the quality of the responses he received improved. Not the quantity, but the quality Getting lots of click-throughs, likes, comments, etc. is nice. It seems to validate your content. But wouldn’t it be… Continue reading Less Is More: Part 2

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Good SEO = Good Website Design

So you’ve done some research and you’ve created a list of keywords that are relevant to your product or service. Now you need to think about how you are going to use those keywords in your content. I would argue that a solid keyword strategy that is consistently implemented will translate into a more effective… Continue reading Good SEO = Good Website Design

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Marketing and the “F Word”

I f—ing love Elise Andrews.  This adorable and clever young woman has been making a splash lately with her wildly popular Facebook page called “I F—ing Love Science.” On her page, she uses the “F word” unedited.  I would argue it has something to do with the pages popularity. I know it certainly caught my… Continue reading Marketing and the “F Word”

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The Trouble with Twitter

Not a Twit-ophile?  You don’t need to feel unhip.  Twitter is not for everybody, and marketers should make note of this fact. Twitter is a key marketing tool for people or organizations that have clever, concise things to say on a frequent basis market to people who are tech-savvy, who are on-the-go and who want… Continue reading The Trouble with Twitter

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When Marketing is Like Fishing

Here are two ideas that are at odds with each other: Don’t waste your time trying to catch every fish in the sea.  Marketers should be like practiced spear fishers who know exactly which fish they want to catch and take aim only at them. It’s OK to cast a wide net.  The fish that… Continue reading When Marketing is Like Fishing

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New Year’s Resolution: Plan More, Do Less

Remember “irrational exuberance”? Alan Greenspan used this term in 1996 when talking about the stock market. Lots of people who knew little about the way the stock market works, and even less about how to assess the value and performance of hi-tech companies, were buying up stock in these companies, pushing their value higher and… Continue reading New Year’s Resolution: Plan More, Do Less

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How Do You Measure Success?

Marketers spend a lot of time in this new age talking about how to measure results.  New social media tools have made it both easier and more difficult than ever to determine the return on investment of your marketing dollar. Here are three rules that are important to keep in mind in your marketing planning:… Continue reading How Do You Measure Success?

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Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Ever had the uncomfortable experience of walking into a party, or a bar or club, and realizing you have nothing in common with anyone else there?  Perhaps everyone there is much older than you, or much younger.  Maybe they’re all wearing formal clothes and you’re in jeans, perhaps they all appear to be couples and… Continue reading Looking for Love in All the Right Places