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The Trouble with Twitter

Not a Twit-ophile?  You don’t need to feel unhip.  Twitter is not for everybody, and marketers should make note of this fact. Twitter is a key marketing tool for people or organizations that have clever, concise things to say on a frequent basis market to people who are tech-savvy, who are on-the-go and who want… Continue reading The Trouble with Twitter

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When Marketing is Like Fishing

Here are two ideas that are at odds with each other: Don’t waste your time trying to catch every fish in the sea.  Marketers should be like practiced spear fishers who know exactly which fish they want to catch and take aim only at them. It’s OK to cast a wide net.  The fish that… Continue reading When Marketing is Like Fishing

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Pick Your Targets

Funny, you don’t look like Cupid…more clothes, no wings.  But if you’re a good marketer, you’re good at playing Cupid.  You’re good at making people fall in love with the product or service you represent.  In place of arrows you have an arsenal of marketing tools, from traditional to social. Cupid, however, had a few… Continue reading Pick Your Targets