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Pick Your Weapon

Marketing contentLanguage can be powerful…pictures, too.  But like a sword, it takes training and talent to wield these weapons effectively.

I am a marketer and a writer.  I care about communication.  I want to communicate in ways that are effective, that are powerful and influential.  I want to have an impact.

There are so many communication tools available today, it seems that to effectively communicate, we now have to have many skills beyond a mastery of language or layout.  These tools allow us to reach out to our audiences frequently and in many different ways.

Individuals and organizations struggle to master many platforms and formats, as if technical mastery of multiple tools and a high volume of output can substitute for powerful, clear communication.

To become masters of communication, we must discipline ourselves to make choices.  We need to streamline our message and our means of communication, picking our weapons and using them wisely.

We’ll be exploring those choices here twice a week.


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